‘Extremely Comfortable Safety Boots’


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  • Over 6 million pairs of safety shoes are sold in the UK every year. A large percentage of these are basic and don't really offer sufficient protection from the shock waves that are transmitted from your heel throughout your frame.
  • The natural design of the foot is incredible because not only are the bony arch and the plantar fascia created in such a way as to act as a shock absorber, but we also have about a 1 inch thick pad between our skin and the bone of the heel (the 'calcaneous') which acts as a cushion. This cushion is called a 'fat pad' because it's made up primarily of fatty tissue. The fat pad is kind of divided into sections by ligamentous 'baffles' which help keep the fat pad from spreading out and thereby aid in keeping the cushion where it belongs - under the heel. Occasionally, the heel can get injured and these baffles can become stretched and then the fat pad spreads out and we lose some of that cushion - which can make weight bearing very uncomfortable.
  • Comfortable footwear is conducive to effectiveness, willingness and happiness in the workforce.
  • NaviGaitor has raised the bar of comfort levels in safety footwear market. Try some on for yourself.
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One Solution


Why only one style?

There is a crying need for comfortable safety foot wear in the UK. NaviGaitor is the answer. The SUMMIT fills the most popular section of the market and therefore satisfies the highest demand area right now. Look out for more styles.

Why in black?

Keep your workforce looking smart. You can always polish it up. Colours tend to get dirty and look messy. The most universal.


  • I couldn’t wear safety boots because of my foot problem. I used to get thrown off industrial sites. Thanks for the NaviGaitor SUMMIT. Even better that the £80 pair of boot I have tried previously.


    Preston, UK
  • The first pair of safety boots that don’t trap and chafe my toes.


    Welshpool, Wales, UK
  • I’ve always wanted comfortable yet light safety boots. NaviGaitor SUMMITS are excellent.


    Davenry, UK
  • We gave up stocking and selling safety footwear because the range of styles and sizes were un manageable. With one solution we can satisfy and exceed most of our industrial customer’s needs.


    Blackpool, UK
  • My workforce looks smart and happy!


    Runcorn, UK